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One is called “gross hematuria,” which occurs when a person can see the blood in their urine. The other type is “microscopic hematuria,” wherein a person cannot see the blood in their urine, despite the fact that RBC are present. However, RBC in the urine is usually a symptom of an underlying health condition. A doctor will typically test for RBC content during a urine test. They will then use the results to help determine what the next course of action should be. Keep reading for more information on what RBC in the urine might mean, normal and abnormal ranges, and typical test results. In some cases, a person may not experience any additional symptoms of RBC in the urine. However, some conditions in the list above can also cause pain, swelling, or a fever. Other symptoms a person might notice if they have a condition causing RBC in the urine include: In most cases, a doctor will discover RBC in the urine during a urinalysis. A urinalysis checks for several key health indicators following the delivery of a urine sample. The clean catch method involves starting the flow of urine and placing the collection cup into the flow midstream. This helps remove any potential contamination from bacteria or other substances that may be near the genitals. In some cases, a doctor can use a simple dipstick to test the urine for blood. A dipstick is a piece of paper with chemicals on it. These chemicals react with different substances that may be present in the urine. In the case of looking for RBC, a dipstick will turn a different color if RBC is present. After this, the doctor will send the sample to a laboratory for further testing. The laboratory staff can provide more information about the amount of RBC, as well as any other substances that could indicate an underlying condition, in the urine. A very small amount of RBC may be present in a normal urine sample. In fact, according to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, the normal range for RBC in the urine is up to four RBC per high power field. However, different laboratories may have different ranges for a “normal” result. For this reason, a person may wish to talk to their doctor about what their test results mean. An abnormal range can indicate any one of a number of potential issues. Some of the possible conditions include: A doctor will also ask about any other symptoms a person is experiencing that may indicate an underlying health condition. A person should discuss their concerns with their doctor before providing a urine sample. It is also important to note that sometimes, a test may generate a false reading. This can occur if a person takes the test while menstruating, for example. In this case, blood can get into the urine sample and cause a false reading. Pregnant women should not see blood in their urine. If they do, they should let their healthcare team know right away. If they provide a urine sample with blood in it, a doctor will try to diagnose and treat any underlying conditions. Since UTIs are common during pregnancy, the most likely cause of blood in the urine is a UTI. However, a doctor may run tests and ask questions to rule out other potential issues. RBC in the urine can indicate that there is a problem with the urinary tract. If a person discovers blood in their urine, they should contact their healthcare provider. If a test confirms the presence of RBC in the urine, a doctor will likely want to run further tests to figure out what is causing it. RBC Investor & Treasury Services creates integrated technology solutions designed to suit your requirements and help support your business needs. RBC One provides consolidated access to RBC Investor & Treasury Services’ products and services globally – featuring convenient access to portfolio, settlement, financial and operational information and tools. Access to instruction capabilities offers a secure, fast and effective way to process and monitor trade activity in real time - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. RBC One is supported by a team of dedicated training experts, e-learning tutorials and online help. The dedicated RBC One Service Desk is also available to quickly respond to any technical queries. For more information, please contact your RBC Investor & Treasury Services representative. 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To turn this feature on, select the 'Remember me' box and a cookie will allow RBC to recognize your computer the next time you sign in. If you delete cookies on your computer you will erase the identification(s) you have saved. Doctors will usually test for RBCs during a urinalysis. For this test, a person provides a urine sample for testing. Ideally, this urine sample will be a clean catch sample. Providing a clean catch sample involves cleaning your genital area and allowing a small amount of urine to go into a toilet before putting the rest in a sample cup. This helps ensure the urine sample doesn’t contain any contaminants. The sample is then sent to a laboratory for testing. Sometimes, a doctor will use a dipstick to quickly test a urine sample for the presence of RBCs before sending the sample off to a laboratory. The dipstick looks like a piece of paper, but it contains chemicals that’ll change the color of the paper if it comes into contact with RBCs. This won’t give a precise measurement, but it can help narrow down a diagnosis or rule out certain conditions. RBCs aren’t usually present in urine, so there isn’t a normal range. However, if you’re menstruating when you provide a urine sample, your urine will likely contain RBCs. This isn’t cause for concern, but make sure to tell your doctor before providing the sample that you’re menstruating. If your urine sample tests positive for RBCs, your doctor will likely start by going over the other results of the test. For example, if your urine also contained certain bacteria or white blood cells, you may have an infection. Your doctor may also order a blood test, such as a complete blood cell count or basic metabolic panel, to get a better idea of how well your kidneys are working. Depending on your other symptoms and medical history, you may need more invasive tests. For example, a cystoscopy involves inserting a small camera into your urinary tract to get a better view of your bladder. Your doctor may also do a tissue biopsy on your bladder or kidneys to check for any signs of cancer. This involves taking small tissue samples from these organs and looking at them under a microscope. Several things can cause RBCs to show up in your urine, from heavy exercise to bleeding disorders. Make sure to tell your doctor about any other symptoms you have as well as any prescription or OTC medications you take. If your urine sample tests positive for RBCs, your doctor will likely conduct a few additional tests to help determine the underlying cause.

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