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For more than a century, RBC Wealth Management has provided trusted advice and solutions to individuals, families, institutions and charitable foundations. "Having a basic understanding of how money, investing and our broader financial system works is critical in our society today. That’s good news, but with people spending decades in retirement it’s important to plan for any scenario. Put our award-winning global network to work for you. Yet there is a growing realization, particularly in the wake of the last financial crisis, that many people don't understand budgeting, investing or how simple financial products like loans work.” View profile Director of Portfolio Advisory Group, U. Equities “We continue to suggest to our investors that they maintain their asset allocation to stocks; what is comfortable to them, what makes sense from a strategic standpoint for their allocation and there are reasons for that. Our goals-based wealth planning approach brings clarity today, while helping people build confidence in the future.” View profile using Java Script to ensure the best experience through the site. If we did, the view would be quite different.” View profile Head of Wealth Planning U. Wealth Management “Americans increasingly view retirement as an exciting new chapter in life filled with possibilities. Please check to learn how to enable Java Script on your browser and enjoy the best experience. Being an executor can be an overwhelming and challenging responsibility. Acting in the best interest of her friend’s estate meant using RBC’s Agent for Executor Services and having professional advice every step of the way. Rbc lindsay royal bank close to me RBC Royal Bank - Lindsay - phone number, website & address - ON - Banks. Lindsay 189 Kent St W, Lindsay Phone 705 324-6151 Transit #2662 Featuring Greg Pardy, RBC’s Co-Head of Global Energy Research After one month of declines, 10,000 points off the Dow and a lot of “announcement indigestion,” RBC’s Chief Economist Craig Wright says markets are still searching for a bottom. They’re unsure of how to price so much new risk, all at once. Central banks are also struggling to assert themselves, while governments have not been able to get enough new money into the economy. Even when the trillion-dollar checks are cut, will consumers spend and businesses invest? As Senior Vice-President, Office of the CEO, John advises the executive leadership on emerging trends in Canada’s economy, providing insights grounded in his travels across the country and around the world. His work focuses on technological change and innovation, examining how to successfully navigate the new economy so more people can thrive in the age of disruption. Prior to joining RBC, John spent nearly 25 years at the Globe and Mail, where he served as editor-in-chief, editor of Report on Business, and a foreign correspondent in New Delhi, India. Having interviewed a range of prominent world leaders and figures, including Vladimir Putin, Kofi Annan, and Benazir Bhutto, he possesses a deep understanding of national and international affairs. In the community, John serves as a Senior Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs and C. Howe Institute, and on the boards of Queen’s University and the Aga Khan Foundation of Canada. John is the author of three books: Out of Poverty, Timbit Nation, and Mass Disruption: Thirty Years on the Front Lines of a Media Revolution. His fourth book, Planet Canada, about Canada’s global population in an age of nationalism, will launch in April 2020. RBC’s Sustainable Finance Group works closely with a growing number of clients globally who view Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as important factors in both their corporate strategy and their investment decision-making process. Here are five things you should know about the initiative and the critical role sustainable finance has to play in our industry. There are many definitions – some investors see it simply as intelligent longer-term investing, while others look specifically at how companies respond to factors such as digital risk management, business ethics, climate change and human capital. At RBC, we are adopting a broad definition which calls for assimilating environmental and social factors as a means of promoting sustainable economic growth and the long-term stability of the financial system. Globally, more than 2,000 investors (totaling $82 trillion in AUM - a 10-fold increase since 2006) have signed onto the UNPRI, which requires a public commitment to responsible investing. Considering this alongside RBC Global Asset Management’s recent Responsible Investing Survey that found 72% of respondents use ESG principles as part of their investment approach and it’s evident that sustainable investing has gone mainstream. Here at RBC, many of our institutional and corporate clients already incorporate ESG factors into their investment and strategic business decisions. As investor preferences and corporate priorities evolve, we as an investment bank have a role to play in the advice we provide and the innovative solutions that we bring to investors. Within sustainable finance, investors often cite a disconnect between the ESG information they get from companies and the information they’d like to receive. In fact, a recent study by PWC showed that 92% of investors say companies are not disclosing ESG data in a way that makes comparisons easy, while 60% of companies feel their disclosure is sufficient. Our new Sustainable Finance Group aims to bridge this divide by helping our corporate clients understand ESG perspectives and providing context to our institutional client base. In fact, 2018 was a noteworthy year in terms of how perceptions around sustainable investing have changed. For example, the RBC GAM survey also showed that 90% of respondents believe that ESG-integrated portfolios are likely to perform as well or better than non-ESG integrated portfolios. Black Rock research demonstrates why it believes it’s feasible to create sustainable portfolios that do not compromise return goals and may even enhance risk-adjusted returns in the long run. Indeed in 2018, core ESG indices outperformed their beta index counterparts (e.g. MSCI World ESG Leaders outperformed the MSCI World by 89 bps). Evolving data and analytics capabilities are shifting the ESG-data landscape from what was previously purely qualitative to a more quantitative field. This is leading to a growing usage of systematic, objective and financially relevant approaches to analyzing ESG factors at an individual company level. The new Sustainable Finance Group will lead the integration of sustainable and ESG factors into our core businesses globally by providing advice and developing solutions for our corporate and institutional clients. We will build out our internal capabilities by working with third-party data providers and operate as a centre of excellence, leveraging these capabilities across internal partners and connecting a variety of initiatives. Lindsay Patrick is Managing Director and Head of the Sustainable Finance Group at RBC Capital Markets. She spearheads the provision of solutions and advice for RBC’s institutional and corporate clients across all areas of sustainable finance, incorporating both environmental and social perspectives. Lindsay has more than 15 years of global investment banking experience spanning trading floors across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Exchange rates quoted in the media are interbank exchange rates, which are used by banks and other interbank participants to buy and sell currencies in the wholesale market. The interbank rate quoted in the media is typically for a minimum amount of US$5,000,000. Usually, when a client completes a transaction it is for an amount smaller than US$5,000,000 and as a result, a retail rate is applied. This rate includes a spread added to the interbank rate to account for market movement between when the client transaction is completed and when smaller client amounts can be accumulated and traded on the interbank market. Exchange rates applied to cash transactions include shipping and handling charges, making the exchange rate for cash less favorable than the non-cash rate. Non-cash rates are applied to paper instruments such as cheques and drafts. Non-cash rates are also applied to incoming and outgoing wire payments and other electronic transactions. These instruments do not require physical storage or movement, and incur less time and cost for processing than cash transactions. Therefore a more favorable rate is applied to non-cash instruments. It is often more beneficial to convert your Canadian dollars to the local currency of your travel destination before you leave Canada. Many banks, foreign exchange kiosks and hotels in other countries charge commission or service charges in addition to exchange rates that are often higher than those in Canada when converting your Canadian dollars to their local currency. The rates provided are for information purposes only, and may not be reflective of rates in the market at the time of inquiry. Foreign exchange rates are subject to change at a moment's notice. Although timely rates may be obtained by contacting a local RBC Royal Bank branch, rates can only be guaranteed at the time the purchase or sale is conducted. Advance notice may be required to obtain some currencies. My passion is applying financial knowledge and skills to help my clients develop a personal financial strategy. I will take the time to understand what matters most to you, then recommend strategies for reaching your goals—whatever they may be! Rbc lindsay rbc hastings Contact Lindsay Buying a home is a major decision. Whether you’ve just started your research or are actively house-hunting, I can help provide you with the personalized advice and solutions you need to make your home ownership goals happen. Call 613 203-1775 email protectedDiscover and Learn All personal lending products and residential mortgages are provided by Royal Bank of Canada and are subject to its standard lending criteria. RBC Royal Bank - Lindsay - phone number, website & address - ON - Banks. To help protect the health and wellbeing of our clients and employees, we're temporarily closing select branches nationwide. 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