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At least those that call in will know what to expect. Called in the past had a similar experience recently. I left just about everything but the kitchen sink to verify the account. There are plenty of institutions that want my business. VR was not picking up my voice, yet all questions were answered. Told I was "lucky to receive the service I received" What! I called to figure out why my bill was so high, come to find out, they took me off the paper bill and I never paid for 4 months. Then, I call and they didn't listen kept telling me... He'll tell me my balance then, next guy blamed me for not remembering to pay! I said I wanted to cancel, they kept me on hold so long, I hung up. This will affect my credit no doubt, I am so disappointed I have 17k points, he offered a flight..... Just had a wonderful experience with customer service, I was able to get my flights cancelled in time to use later on when the virus has calmed down globally. And they were even able to get me a refund on my hotel stay. It was well worth the wait on the phone to get through. For others that are trying to get through keep in mind that call times and wait times are gonna be long. Also, be nice to your agent as well you don't how many angry people that they are dealing with during the day. The girl I spoke to said that they were having on average 300 calls in queue. And that they were trying to clear them as quickly as possible. Travellers are aware and do not wait 24 hours to cancel your trip if you have a week of more to go. Do yourself a favour and protect yourself in the advance. We've had flights booked for this morning and due to the current situation with COVID-19, our family decided to stay home. I booked a flight that's worth $1,350 (pre-tax) by redeeming 65,000 points thinking that they will cover the face value of ticket of up to $1,300. We've been calling Avion's Customer Service since PM yesterday to cancel our flights. Here is what we were expecting: we understand that there are probably challenges answering every call coming their way lately, but they should leave a message on their phone line. Or as an option, put a message on social media outlining your issues. I had taxes and stuff so ticket ended up being $1,450. No one picking up, "the person you are calling is unavailable". We are so mad right now with this lack of common sense... Anyway, even after using 65,000 points, RBC rewards only refunded me $650 (not even half of my ticket) because more than half of it was tax and surcharge. It's cheaper for me to collect points with another credit card company and get cash back and pay for this then collect points and I only got half my ticket paid for? I am going to cancel this card because it's not saving me anything but instead just costs me more. Not only am I paying $150/year to have this card that a growing number of merchants/businesses will NOT accept due to high user fees PLUS when redeeming points (only reason I have this card) for travel and finding that after the published amount of points are used for your destination, that the extra fees often exceed the regular airfare to the same destination, I was stunned to learn that...you have automatic debits at the time your card expires that VISA will "automatically renew" your info with those merchants!!! If you look at their website, calling is the ONLY way to contact their customer service. Tried to call the airline directly, but says to call travel provider (i.e. my wife and I seriously considering switching to another reward card. They tell you right off the bat, that taxes and SURCHARGES are not covered, but they keep saying that the 65000 points cover a ticket price up to $1300. So client services, who are well versed in the tactic, explain that if you go to the detailed breakdown of the airlines ticket price you see base fare is only $392 (per ticket) and there is an AIRLINE CARRIER SURCHARGE of $530. I have reset my pin twice at RBC after my last trip to Mexico and I still have issues. I am in Mexico now, and I cannot reach customer service. I googled alternative numbers and to all of them I get a message in Spanish saying the number is not supported. When I called to inquire re debits that I expected would end with my card expiration they said that I "was enrolled in automatic renewal". "Enrolled" suggests to me that I was advised of this "program" and chose to participate. BEWARE I was defrauded for 4500 dollars due to fraudulent charges and RBC won't cover it, this card and RBC fraud security system failed to prevent suspicious transactions. I went online to see if they've posted a message indicating that they weren't able to handle the volume of calls, etc.. Avion has turned to scam its clients even though they hold to the letter of the law they are still sly about their tactics. So even though they've promised to cover up to $1300 they get away with only having to pay out $392 based solely on how they interpret ticket price and of coarse how the airline now breaks down there prices. I called RBC twice, to sort out my pin and also spoke to the staff at the local branch. They won't refund nor help, in any way and their customer service is very bad. I scratched and saved enough points over 12 years to book two tickets for a once in a lifetime trip to Italy. In good conscience, they could've equated the surcharge as part of the ticket price but they've opted to be devious and stick it to us all. They are a disgrace for the Canadian banking industry. So after spending $130,000 to get 130000 points all, I end up with is being covered for a rather messily $784. I'm considering weighing other possible actions or at least trying my best to bringing this out into the open. Future applicants please be aware of this and look into other Canadian banks! The first experience for points redemption was terrible. My husband and I have been Avion card holders for many years. Years ago we switched over because we like to travel frequently and put the points to good use. First hard time trying to find the proper site to log in. However, in recent years we are getting fed up with the limited benefits it's offering us. My wife had to re-submit user name and password a time consuming process. We do not see the point in paying for this high-interest credit card. Not to mention, with Avion I am given more stopovers and ridiculous travel hours. She told me every ticket on this flight had their letter code changed and every passenger has this issue. Wife tried to book on line and it came up with a ridiculous amount of fees and taxes. We still pay just as much money when using points for travel redemption as we would have if we purchased tickets off the airline's website. Booking through the airline is the same price and less hassle. She opted out of the transaction at that point to discuss. We are starting to ask ourselves, why are we bothering with this card just to collect useless points? I booked the EXACT SAME FLIGHT within the hour that I booked the Avion flight with Airmiles for my husband since we are travelling together. When we tried to log in a few days later it took forever to get in... I thought booking flights with RBC Avion would be easy for customers?! I booked a flight using RBC Avion points from Winnipeg to Toronto with Westjet. even using my card number and postal code, (kept telling me something was not accurate to log in. I started the check-in process 24 hours before departure and got this error message every time I got to step 3 of 6 of the check-in: "We're sorry, your transaction could not be completed. Somehow i finally broke into the redemption screen to try and book a flight and took so long to download available flights to point i kept thinking my computer was locked up. Waited to call on Monday and speak to an rewards agent. Please see a West Jet agent at Guest assistance to complete check-in when you arrive at the airport." I called Avion and the issue was Westjet changed a letter code for the flight, so they have to reissue my ticket which could take until the next morning. The whole process still took the better part of an hour and the screen was taking forever to download for her as well. To book a flight for two in Canada still took over an hour and all i have is a reference number but no flight confirmation. When it all sinks in, you can't change your mind after 10 minutes. We typically spend reward points for hotels and not for flights - it is the better use of our points. Also not insured under the card for flight cancellation by my understanding which is surprising as i thought this card came with trip interruption insurance built in. Need to redeem 65,000 points which is valued at $1,300. So I have to redeem 65,000 points valued $1,300 AND pay $500 out of pocket. "Redemptions are final even if you won't receive the moeny for 5 more days." ADVICE: Redeem only when the base is $1,300 or ask for $ to points redemption. If we spend around $3,000 monthly, it gives us enough points at least once a year to stay for a few days in a good hotel in New York or in Europe. Probably going to cancel my card and save the 120 annual fee. This credit card is not cheap but it comes with a good travel insurance protection so we typically do not buy a travel medical coverage. The RBC customer service is always top - very friendly and helpful. We enjoy the points that our card gives us and we regularly redeem them for gift cards. We also use the travel insurance that the card gives us and once had a very positive experience using it to cover damaged luggage. You are looking up RBC Visa customer care, so you probably already know who they are. But it helps to get an idea of how big they are and what their support operation looks like if you are a customer. They employ less than 50 people according to customers in the know. Get Human provides customer service contact information, step-by-step help, tools to get a rep on the phone faster and all kinds of useful gadgets for customers to make it easier to get good customer service without the hassle. Get Human provides free tools and information to consumers that allow them to share their customer experiences and tips with each other for how to contact companies faster and how to solve common problems. Get Human's relationship is with consumers and not with RBC Visa or organizations like it. If you find the information on this site helpful, please share it- sharing is what has powered this consumer resource for over 15 years. Rbc rewards customer service banque royal joliette RBC Rewards Credit Cards. Start earning, get perks, have access to exclusive experiences, events and much more; Choose from 9 RBC Rewards credit cards and get travel perks, fuel savings and more 1; Earn points faster with everyday purchases like gas and travel using select cards 1 RBC Rewards gives you the power to earn more RBC Rewards points in more ways and the flexibility to redeem points for nearly endless options -- travel the world, buy merchandise and gift cards from your favourite brands, pay down debt, invest in your future and much more. For more than a century, RBC Wealth Management has provided trusted advice and solutions to individuals, families, institutions and charitable foundations. "Having a basic understanding of how money, investing and our broader financial system works is critical in our society today. That’s good news, but with people spending decades in retirement it’s important to plan for any scenario. Put our award-winning global network to work for you. Yet there is a growing realization, particularly in the wake of the last financial crisis, that many people don't understand budgeting, investing or how simple financial products like loans work.” View profile Director of Portfolio Advisory Group, U. Equities “We continue to suggest to our investors that they maintain their asset allocation to stocks; what is comfortable to them, what makes sense from a strategic standpoint for their allocation and there are reasons for that. Our goals-based wealth planning approach brings clarity today, while helping people build confidence in the future.” View profile using Java Script to ensure the best experience through the site. If we did, the view would be quite different.” View profile Head of Wealth Planning U. Wealth Management “Americans increasingly view retirement as an exciting new chapter in life filled with possibilities. Please check to learn how to enable Java Script on your browser and enjoy the best experience. Your Trip ID: 7612 3456 7890 We have charged your credit card CAD $0.00 and redeemed 80,160 points. You will receive a confirmation email at the address you provided: [email protected] Contact us immediately if any issues arise with your reservation before or during your trip.

I had to visit an RBC branch ~50 times just to setup a POA debit card. RBC is one of the better ones for wait times usually, meaning most other banks are worse.13 minutes is pretty good, the minimum time with National Bank of Canada is 20 minutes. I have financial ties to RBC (Visa), never had to call, but 13 minutes is fairly great customer service, IMHO. RBC were having big wait time problems late last year (Nov Dec 40 minutes ) but since March it seems to have gotten better. This is the only financial company I've been on hold for this long. Surprised when you told the virtual assistant the card was stolen, you weren't put in a high priority queue. Had issues with my card and had to call a few times, sometimes was near instant, other times was up to 5 minutes. 13 minutes is pretty good, the minimum time with National Bank of Canada is 20 minutes. I have financial ties to RBC (Visa), never had to call, but 13 minutes is fairly great customer service, IMHO. This is the only financial company I've been on hold for this long. Not only did they not know what they were doing, but they suggested illegal alternatives! I don't bank with RBC, and from this experience I never will. 1 Make sure you're at home and surf the web while you're on hold. I wish all companies had the "call back" service where they hold you in a queue and they call you when your number is up. I called today at 2pm EDT and the wait time was only 5 seconds - basically connected right away. Then the CSR said: "Thank you for calling CIBC, where we appreciate your business. " I thought I had fallen asleep and woken up in The Twilight Zone, but no, this call was really happening. I was tempted to ask that my card have no FX fees charged from now on, but since that would be beyond the CSR's ability to help me, I just went with the CIBC problem I had encountered. She said "I am very very sorry about this" to which I said it certainly wasn't her fault it happened. Window.__initial State__ = {"url Data":,"domain Features":,"token":"ey Jhb Gci Oi JIUz I1Ni Is In R5c CI6Ikp XVCJ9Jpc CI6Ij Ew My4y Ny42Mi4y Mj Is IDE2Mi4x NTgu Nzgu Mj I2LDEw Lj Au Mj Aw Lj E2MCwg MTAu MC4y MTIu MTEy LCAx MC4w Lj Ix OS4y MSIs Im Rvb WFpbi I6Imds YXNz ZG9vci5j YSIs Im V4c GVya W1lbn Rz Ijp7f Swia WF0Ijox NTg4Mj Mx Nzkx LCJle HAi Oj E1ODgz MTgx OTF9.d Hw Hbhv Z2Ob KKBMSNXN5QRNh0dga XYKo0T0FVx LNNW0","routing":,"config":,"page Content":{"jsp Data":{"eep Active":true,"show Responses Action":"false","ads Enabled":"true","ceo Info Feature Flag":true,"ei Jobs Link Test Enabled":false,"ei Jobs Link Test Url":"\u002FJobs\u002FRBC-Customer-Service-Representative-Jobs-EI_IE3358.0,3_KO4,35.htm","current Bptw List For Employer":"Static List{list Name='Best Places to Work Canada', abbreviation='BPTW2020LCA', list Short Name='Canada', time Period='2020', start Date=2019-12-01 .0, end Date=2020-11-30 .0, type=BPTW, html Description='Employees have spoken! Here are the Best Places to Work in 2020, according to employees. Rbc rewards customer service rbc village square Travel Services Terms & Conditions. Orbitz, LLC is represented in Québec by Tour East Holidays Canada Inc. a Québec licensee. Orbitz, LLC is not responsible for content on external Web sites. Customer Service. Let us help you find the answers you're looking for. Ask your question About results. RBC Rewards. Calculate My Mortgage Payment. Boost My RRSP Savings. Royal Bank of Canada RBC WaterPark Place, 16th floor 88 Queens Quay West Toronto, ON, M5J 0B8. RBC Rewards Credit Cards. Start earning, get perks, have access to exclusive experiences, events and much more; Choose from 9 RBC Rewards credit cards and get travel perks, fuel savings and more 1; Earn points faster with everyday purchases like gas and travel using select cards 1 The 10-Minute Take podcasts provides insights from RBC economists and market experts on events unfolding around the globe. Topics this week include: What the collapse of crude prices means for the oil market How COVID-19 is affecting investment strategies... For many weeks now, you’ve received countless emails from me regarding the market volatility, COVID-19, along with updates on the many actions we are taking to protect your portfolio and ensure you are well-positioned as we emerge from this pandemic.... RBC is supporting an initiative by Global Citizen that will bring the world together through the power of music and storytelling: One World: Together at Home. It will be an evening of music featuring some of the world’s most influential artists such as...