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Save a tree and reduce the amount of paper you keep by switching your paper statements to electronic statements — and get convenient, 24/7 access in RBC Online Banking. Online banking gives you an amazing level of control over your accounts as well as access to your statements For help with online banking, call us at 800-341-9911 Log in or sign up using the login button above All Members can enjoy free access to our online banking system. If you aren’t using online banking, you’re missing out on one of the biggest revolutions in banking since the invention of the credit card. Signing up for online banking is fast and easy, and our secure system keeps your account data safe. Online banking gives you access to all your account information in one location. Royal bank banking RBC ROYTRIN Mitual Funds daily share price Personal Banking Services. At Royal Bank, your satisfaction is our priority. We offer accounts and features to suit your unique needs and desires. We invite you to explore our personal banking services. Checking. Savings & Investment. CDs. IRAs. Health Savings Account. Credit Cards. Debit & Gift Cards. Bill Pay. Safe Deposit Box Whatever you need, RBC Royal Bank has a wide range of personal banking products, services and tools to help you manage your finances, save for retirement, buy a home and much more. Royal Bank hopes that you, your loved ones, family, and friends are healthy, and managing the impact of the coronavirus. The health, welfare, safety, well-being, and security of our customers, employees, and communities are our top priorities. As this situation continues to rapidly evolve, please be assured that Royal Bank is managing the matter as best as possible. In an effort to reduce the risk of exposure of employees and customers to the coronavirus, Royal Bank has made changes to branches, effective as of Thursday, March 19, 2020, and until further notice, as listed, below. The challenge that this coronavirus represents is likely something that most people have never seen or experienced in their lifetimes. Everyone is trying to manage their way through uncertainty, anxiety, and risk. Hopefully sooner than later, the world will return to normal, and emerge stronger than ever. Our team remains committed to all individuals, families, businesses, and communities. Our staff members live in our communities, and are your neighbors. They care about you and your health and well-being. Royal Bank will work diligently to do what is best, as has been our goal since our founding in 1887. We look forward to continuing to serve you, now and in the years ahead. There are a couple of options for transferring money internationally. Our online RBC International Money Transfer service is a convenient way to send up to $10,000 CAD per day to over 200 countries worldwide, including the U. For larger amounts, a wire transfer is a good option. Learn more about RBC International Money Transfer We’ll always send a copy to your Alert Inbox in Online Banking. And if you’ve downloaded the RBC Mobile banking app and allowed it to send push notifications, you’ll also see your alerts on your mobile device. e-Transfers you can send funds to clients of other financial institutions as well as RBC, and you don't need to know the account number of the person you're sending money to. All you need is their email address or mobile phone number. You can send an Direct deposit can be arranged with your employer or the issuer of a payment. You will need to provide the issuer with the necessary information regarding your account, such as a voided cheque. To print a void cheque: Retail Banking: RBC Royal Bank received the highest numerical score among the big five retail banks in the J. Power 2016-2018 Canadian Retail Banking Customer Satisfaction Studies. Visit As a sole or joint owner of an RBC Signature No Limit Banking (SNL) account and the primary cardholder of one of the eligible credit cards listed below, the annual fee of that eligible credit card will be fully or partially rebated (depending on the credit card you choose), every year, as long as your eligible card remains in good standing and you remain an SNL account owner. The study is based on responses from nearly 14,000 retail banking customers of Canada’s largest and midsized banks regarding their experiences with their retail bank. Additional cardholders (co-applicants and authorized users) do not qualify for the annual fee rebate, even if they are also owners of an SNL account. Only one credit card annual fee rebate per SNL account is allowed, which means that if you own a joint SNL account and each co-owner is also the primary cardholder of an eligible credit card, only the primary owner of the SNL account will be entitled to the credit card annual fee rebate. Rebates that apply to eligible credit cards are: 1) $39 rebate (annual fee fully rebated) for: Signature RBC Rewards Visa and West Jet RBC Mastercard card, or 2) $35 rebate (annual fee partially rebated) for: RBC Avion Visa Infinite Privilege, RBC Avion Visa Infinite, RBC Avion Visa Platinum, RBC Rewards Visa Preferred, RBC U. Dollar Visa Gold, RBC British Airways Visa Infinite, RBC Cathay Pacific Visa Platinum and West Jet RBC World Elite Mastercard. Royal Bank of Canada reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time, even after acceptance by you. Royal Bank of Canada reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time, even after acceptance by you. Each time you use your linked Eligible RBC Card to purchase any grade of gasoline, including diesel, at a Retail Petro-Canada Location, you will save three cents ($0.03) per litre at the time of the transaction. Each time you use your linked Eligible RBC Card to pay for qualifying purchases at a Retail Petro-Canada Location, you will earn a bonus of twenty percent (20%) more Petro-Points than you normally earn, in accordance with the Petro-Points Terms and Conditions. This offer is to receive a complimentary Apple Air Pods. It is only available to permanent Canadian residents who, as of February 28, 2020 do not have, and in the 5 years prior have not had, a Personal Banking Account with Royal Bank of Canada or any of its deposit taking subsidiaries, who as of April 30, 2020 have reached the age of majority in the province or territory in which they reside, and who meet all other terms and conditions of the offer. To qualify, you must: RBC has the right to determine in its reasonable discretion whether the qualifying criteria have been met. This offer may not be combined or used in conjunction with any other Personal Banking Account offers unless otherwise indicated. Royal Bank of Canada reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without notice, even after acceptance by you. For full details including defined terms, visit com/airpodsoffer Offer available to Eligible Clients who were not the Primary Owner of an RBC High Interest e Savings Account at any time before the beginning of the Qualifying Period, and who open an RBC High Interest e Savings account (“Eligible e Savings Account”) as the Primary Owner between (the “Qualifying Period”). Offer only applicable to deposits made in the Eligible e Savings Account up to 6 months (180 days) from the date the Eligible e Savings Account was opened (the “Promotional Period”), on a total maximum of ). Regular Interest Rate, Initial Bonus Interest Rate and Subsequent Interest Rate are annualized rates, and (subject to certain exceptions) are calculated daily and paid monthly. At the end of the Promotional Period, all balances will earn interest at the Regular Interest Rate only. For defined terms and complete terms and conditions that apply to this Offer, please visit Offer and interest rates are subject to change without notice. Total of 90 days or 180 days: For the purpose of this RBC New e Savings Client Interest Rate Offer and any related marketing, any reference to a period of 3 months means a period of 90 calendar days and any reference to a period of 6 months means a period of 180 calendar days, regardless of how many calendar days may fall within any given calendar 3-month period.

We use cookies and similar technologies on our websites and mobile applications to help provide you with the best possible online experience. By using our sites and apps, you agree that we may store and access cookies and similar technologies on your device. You can find out more and set your own preferences here. Take control of your business finances with Bankline, our online banking service. Manage multiple business accounts, see all your transactions in real time and make secure domestic and international payments – all you need is a Royal Bank of Scotland business current account. We charge a monthly fee (dependent on usage), plus individual fees for making payments. Get online access to real-time banking information. Once a registration has been approved, that user can add additional accounts themselves – there's no limit to the number of users. Import payment files and get instant, accurate views of your finances. Send money quickly and cheaply using standard domestic payments, CHAPS, Faster Payments or international payments. System administrators have complete control over users, roles and functionality. Payment limits can also be set for individual users. View accounts individually or in groups, access recordings of key activities for auditing purposes and see online copies of paper vouchers such as cheques. Bankline keeps your finances safer with the latest security and encryption technology. Multi-level password, PIN and user ID protection, smart card security for making payments and Trusteer Rapport for extra protection. Get support from our FAQs, user guides and the Bankline telephone helpdesk. And there’s no need to download new software – updates are made automatically. Your accounts You can register and access up to 999 of your company’s sterling or currency accounts held with Royal Bank of Scotland, including accounts held by subsidiaries. Accounts can be added or removed whenever you like. Payment limits Your business can set a payment limit for single payments made from your accounts, and the level at which authorisation is required to process it. You can also set individual payment limits for each of your users. View balances Bankline allows you to view balances in several different ways. These include: Please note: only balance information for accounts held with us are available in real-time in Bankline. This means that items are shown as they are received and processed during the day. However, items are subject to verification and possible reversal or adjustment. While this provides an indication of the balance which can be paid from your accounts, items can still be returned unpaid and this balance doesn't guarantee that finality has been achieved on these items. For example, funds may show as cleared for interest and available funds purposes, however, you should allow at least four working days before you use the money from a cheque paid in. In some cases cheques may still come back unpaid after this time. Process payments and transfers immediately, the next business day or on a date you choose. You can view all payments and inter-account transfers that have been confirmed and see the real-time status of the transaction progress. International payments When transferring funds between any of your sterling and currency accounts registered in Bankline, you can choose the currency you wish the transfer to be made in. For international payments or currency inter-account transfers, you can book a foreign exchange rate in advance or let Bankline automatically book a rate for you. International Payment Service - Terms and Conditions Inter-account transfers (IATs) Your business can transfer funds between sterling and currency accounts registered on Bankline as often as you like. In most cases the transferred funds are visible and available for use immediately. Interest continues to be calculated on the closing balances of your accounts every day. If your business holds accounts with Royal Bank of Scotland and Nat West, you can transfer funds between these accounts as a Faster Payment (value up to £250,000). Templates/Bulk Lists If you make regular payments to the same beneficiary, you can save time by creating a template for future use. It's also easy to create a template for regular IATs. Payment file import and data export Payment files can be imported into Bankline from accounting systems such as Sage and Pegasus as a comma separated variable (CSV) file format or BACSTEL- IP format. You can also export account information from Bankline enabling you to manipulate it into a more convenient format, or use it in other applications. Data can be exported in a range of formats: Bankline (.csv), SWIFT and BAI version 2. Log on security When you log on to Bankline, encrypted information protect your details. Logging on requires a combination of unique passwords, PINs and user IDs to access the service. You can even decide how often users must change their passwords for optimum security. Restricted access Only designated users for your business can access Bankline. When you start using the service, we'll give your organisation a unique ID code (the ‘Customer ID') and other security information. Security & payments To make payments or some inter-account transfers you'll need authorisation via a smartcard and smartcard reader, giving you another layer of security. You will have an appointed Bankline administrator within your business who will be issued with a smartcard, and they can create additional authorised users. Each authorised user has their own smartcard, which is used in conjunction with a smartcard reader. Without the smartcard, the transaction or change can’t be made. Keeping your information secure Bankline security protects the connection between our secure server and your browser. Audit logs Enjoy full control of who uses the service and what they can do. You can limit the functions each user can perform, by defining individual account access. If you need to investigate transactions, your administrator can request the audit log. Once you start using Bankline, we’ll store your balance and transaction data and so that you can access up to 15 months’ data online. We’ll store audit information for seven years (subject to terms and conditions). Your system We recommend your organisation maintains up-to-date anti-virus and firewall software on all computers, to protect you from new threats as they emerge. Phishing for information Fraudsters use many techniques to obtain customers' passwords and security credentials. We’ll never ask you for a complete set of security details on any web page or via email. External account reporting lets you view accounts held with other banks within your Bankline profile. This gives you greater control over your cash management. Plus the convenience of being able to view and export account information for all your accounts along with your accounts held with us. The external account holding bank will send SWIFT MT940 and MT942 messages to us containing balance and transaction information for the accounts authorised for reporting. • SWIFT MT940 messages provide end of day balance and transaction details for a specific account. • SWIFT MT942 messages provide details of interim transactions for a specific account. The account holding bank will send these messages to us so you can view any transactions applied to your account since the last MT940 or MT942 issued. It's important that you check with your relationship manager at the external bank that they are able to generate MT942 messages. Contact your relationship manager to discuss the External Account Reporting Service. We'll include external accounts you add to your Bankline profile in your account tally. We'll adjust your monthly fee based on the number of accounts within the tariff banding. If you have a bespoke tariff, your relationship manager will be able to advise you. If you wish to go ahead, your relationship manager will gather some basic information and arrange for a member of the team to get in touch. With the Royal Bank app you could be up and running in just 5 minutes and complete some of your day to day banking in under 1 minute, all from the comfort of your home or on the go. Did you know it takes 20 seconds on average to transfer money between Royal Bank accounts versus under just 4 minutes to complete the same task in the branch. See more examples of how the app can save you time. App available to Digital Banking customers using compatible i OS and Android devices with a UK or international mobile number in specific countries. Payments under £1000 can be saved on the mobile app and will also show in Digital Banking for future use. You must be aged 16 or over and there is a maximum of 5 payments totaling £1000 per day. Branch data based on average transaction time, not including average queue times. Community Banking and Mobile Branches available in selected areas. We’re available for Video Banking between 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 3pm Saturdays. Internet connection and video capable device required. Good Friday - Friday 10 April Easter Monday - Monday 13 April Early May bank holiday - Friday 8 May Spring bank holiday - Monday 25 May Summer bank holiday - Monday 31 August Christmas day - Friday 25 December Boxing day - Monday 28 December We may change our branch opening hours on and around the bank holiday dates above. We’ll notify you of any changes to our opening hours at least 4 weeks in advance here and in our branches. Royal bank banking la banque royale du canada Notice Royal Bank is not responsible for and has no control over the subject matter, content, information, or graphics of the Websites that have links here. The portal features are being provided by an outside source–Royal Bank is not responsible for the content. Please contact us with any concerns or comments. If you’d like to enrol your business account for Online Banking, you’ll need your RBC Royal Bank Business Client Card. Enrol in person or on the phone. Alternatively, you can visit a local branch. Business clients can call us at 1-800-769-2520 1-800-769-2520. Personal Banking Services. At Royal Bank, your satisfaction is our priority. We offer accounts and features to suit your unique needs and desires. We invite you to explore our personal banking services. Checking. Savings & Investment. CDs. IRAs. Health Savings Account. Credit Cards. Debit & Gift Cards. Bill Pay. Safe Deposit Box When you sign up, you can choose which savings, chequing and credit card accounts that you would like to access online (either in your name only, or joint – any one to sign). Note that joint accounts – both to sign will NOT be available through this online service. With RBC Royal Bank Net Bank, you must create a new payee detailing all necessary service provider information. Simply logon to the system and choose "select payee" under the "Pay bills" menu option. Click on "create" to enter particulars of the new service provider and corresponding bill details. Yes, RBC Royal Bank Net Bank allows you to download statement by selecting "View Accounts" and the "download statement" submenu item. Enter account details and period of statement to download a customized statement. At RBC Royal Bank Bank, we are committed to ensuring that our customers’ rights to privacy and confidentiality of information are maintained at all times. When you require support for the service, you will be asked questions to confirm your identity before any personal or account information is divulged. There are some precautions that you can take to ensure your privacy. Firstly, you should never divulge your password to anyone – not even bank staff. Also, your password should be difficult to guess by anyone close to you. Lastly, you should change your password on a regular basis as an added measure of security.