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Art naturals’ Argon oil hair loss prevention shampoo is a natural way to combat male and female hair loss while promoting regrowth
Argon oil combines with botanical extracts, oils and proteins to strengthen hair shafts and cleanse the scalp
Caffeine blocks the effects of hair-follicle-damaging hormone dot
Vitamin-infused formula restores thinning and dull hair, adding volume and shine
All ingredients meet art naturals’ 100 percent natural standards

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Sometimes your busy life makes you want to pull your hair out. And some-times genetics, stress and too-harsh chemicals are doing it for you. Give yourself and your hair a blissful break with ArtNaturals’ Argon oil hair loss prevention shampoo. The natural conditioning properties of Moroccan Argon oil have been known for centuries to strengthen hair shafts, promote growth, cleanse the scalp, and protect hair from UV rays. Get back to thick and lush…You deserve it. Infused with regenerative herbal ingredients such as Argon oil, whole oat, rosemary, and aloe Vera, art naturals’ hair loss prevention shampoo is the natural alternative for combating male (and female) pattern baldness, restoring thinning and dull hair, and preventing further hair loss. Our vitamin-infused formula is designed to aid in hair’s regrowth as it revitalizes and moisturizes your existing hair. Add volume and texture while rejuvenating your scalp and hair follicles. Recent studies have shown that the number-one factor in hair loss is the production of “dihydrotestosterone,” or dht. Dht causes hair loss by restricting blood supply to hair follicles, choking them off and causing the follicles to eventually die and fall out. Art naturals’ hair loss prevention shampoo contains multiple dht blockers, which effectively turn off this hormone, helping hair to grow more freely. One of these key blockers in our shampoo is caffeine. A study in the international journal of dermatology found that when mixed proportionately and applied to the scalp and hair, caffeine stimulates the hair shaft and helps it grow faster by dramatically blocking the effects of dht. Hair loss treatments can cost thousands of dollars, and often involve painful and invasive techniques. Safely and effectively aid in the regrowth and restoration of your hair using natural ingredients with art naturals’ Argon oil hair loss prevention shampoo.

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